Initial Design

Initial Design is the stage of be required to meet the features and needs of the conceptual ship design is revealed. Basic philosophy, will emerge in the final characteristics of the ship would have ; to do the design, analysis and testing work will be based on the originally expected.
The stage include to do basic performance predictions such as the creation of ship form, arrest general arrangement compatibility, speed-power, stability, weight, load analysis and cost analysis, prepare sale and presentation documents.
SEFT is assertive about initial design service (Initial design service is the most ambitious service for SEFT). Since 2001, SEFT sign various type and varied features designs which give the chance to develop their experience in this area and demonstrate their ability with conclusions reached.

Our initial design services include:
· Determining Specifications
· Basic Dimensions/ Design Ratios
· General Arrangement
· Lines and Appendages Plan
· Weight Calculation
· Speed and Power Estimations
· (Preliminary) Electrical Load Analysis
· Hydrostatics and Stability Calculations
· Loadline Calculation
· Tank Definition and Calibration
· Tonnage calculation
· Damage Stability Calculation
· Cost Estimation

3D Presentations, Sales Documentation and Data Sheets

Basic Design

Basic Design service include prepare certain calculations and plans about ship which basic assumptions are emerged at initial design. Generally at this stage, flag state, class organization and other certifying determine documents and plans.
SEFT provide ship owners and shipyards to pass construction phase seamlessly with basic design service.
SEFT promise customers a seamless operation with their business experience from commercial vessels, special purpose vessels, military vessels ranging workboat on a wide range and knowledge from large number of basic design working which prepared for approval authorities.

SEFT give guarantee customers’ to represent high quality basic design which convenient for national/international design regulations, standards and rule with experienced and hardworking team.

Our basic design services include:
· Main Drawings & Documentations
· Steel Classification Drawings
· Foundation Drawings
· Steel Outfitting & Equipment Drawings
· Arrangement Drawings
· Accommodation Drawings
· Machinery System Diagrams

Machinery Layouts & General Drawings 


Detail and Production design include preparing the ship models such as; construction and fitting as 3D in computer environment and required for production of documents and projects for smooth and predictable process for manufacturing.

Structural modeling of ship’s lower deck’s and upper deck’s all parts, fitting engine room, accommodation and upper deck areas and layout arrangement can be performed in the virtual environment.

Afterward detailed production plans and documents are being prepared for the manufacture and installation of steel/plate structures, pipe systems, equipment and out fittings, HAVC.

SEFT aims to provide an integrated process of ship construction and reduce the building process time and cost. SEFT offers flexible, simultaneous and quick response service because of complicating and variable ship building process.

Institutional expertise, staff and technical infrastructure, facilities/capabilities and technical potentiality which SEFT has provide to be competitive and ambitious.

 Our Detailed Design Services Include:
· Hull & Super Structure Construction
· 3D Modelling & Production
· Piping Systems
· 3D Modeling & Production
· Outfitting 3D Modeling & Production
· Machinery & Equipment Foundations
· 3D Modelling & Production
· General Production Documentations


Today’s technological capabilities allow the problems of our design and their components can be modeled and analyzed in the digital environment. Developing software which based on finite element provide us to do simulation and analysis studies regarding both ship form and structural and hardware components.

 SEFT offer services in major areas such as ship form optimization, determining streamlines, hull pressure distributions(distribution of trace) and global and local structure analysis by using the finite elements method.

Analysis service which provided by SEFT, compatible with initial design, by this means they create more faster, consume less power, more lighter, more innovative and lower cost designs. Analysis service is positioned in design systematic that to manage this features.

SEFT offer analysis services can be grouped under two main headings:
1. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
2. Structural Analysis


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis are mostly used for (accurately determine the ship’s performance) which is directly related to form optimization, ship resistance, propulsion system and superstructure resistance.

Under favor of CFD software, we can analyze:
In addition, analysis include that optimization of position of bow thruster and retractable thruster and decided to the most suitable position of under water monitoring sensor.

 SEFT provides following services with CFD software:
· Ship Form Analysis (and Optimization)
· Analysis of Components of Ship Resistance
(Friction, Form and Wave Resistance)
· Ship Resistance Calculations
· Analysis of the Waveform around Ship Hull
· Streamlines and Wake Distribution Analysis
· Open Water Propeller Calculations
· Free Surface Flow Analysis
· Wake Distribution on Propeller
CFD Analysis for EEXI 


Ship’s structural analysis can be performed by using software which based on finite element method. Examining the whole of the ship and particular region is possible by using FE analysis.

SEFT offer FEA services can be grouped under two main headings:
1. Global Analysis
2. Local Analysis

Global Analysis
First step in the global analysis structural modeling of the vessel to be examined and defining the effect of this structure is to be exposed. Strength analysis is performed under these effects.
SEFT target to design more strong, more lightweight structure and easy manufacturing by integrating their strong knowledge and FEA possibilities.

With FE Analysis are the services we provide:
· Bending Moments and Shear Forces
· Torsional Moments
· Analysis For Different Load Case and Sea States

Local Analysis
Beside global analysis we need sensitive analysis at some parts of the ship for some special cases. Details of the model are increased at the area to be examined and then acting forces are defined and analysis is performed.
Stress value of the examined area is obtained and then it provide doing structural optimization.

With FE Analysis are the services we provide:
· Stress Analysis and Capacity Calculations for Equipment FoundationsFatigue and Buckling Analysis
· Explosion and Shock Analysis
· Structural Analysis for Cannons/Gun


At the beginning of 2007, SEFT has acted with following parameters when determining their vision which innovative, high quality and produce design that exceed expectations.
1. The demands are varying from day to day
2. Decreasing naturel resources
3. Increased environmental risks
4. Rapid technological developments
5. Regulations and rules which changing in parallel these
At first, SEFT had accepted GOSB Technopark at 2010 by R&D facilities about military vessel design in this way SEFT became the first ship design firm which is accepted at Technology Develop Zone.

At 2012, SEFT has taken a further step in the field of R&D and constitute a department to do high quality design to response civilian and military demand. R&D department is working with extremely qualified and well experienced engineers and advanced infrastructure.

R&D team creating designs as well as R&D qualified for commercial and government buyers in addition the team creating projects for like TUBITAK.

Major Activities In The R&D Area
· Green Vessel Design
· Innovative Vessel Form Design
· Monitoring of Marine Market Continuously, Innovative Vessel Design Towards Opportunities
· Follow up of New Technology, Create The Difference Applications at Vessel Design
· Joint Project Work With University
· Vessel Design Which Compatible With The New Regulations

SEFT aims to be a leader in the national market and work as a strong player in the international market and work to design ship which beyond the age continuously.


“Shipbuilding Project” is temporary endeavor, limited by its beginning and end; aims to create unique vessel or service to clients ;has excessive number of interrelated activities between different disciplines of engineering. It is very complex when it comes to manage the whole progress gradually, since person/corporation involved in the project are basically not concerned with just shipbuilding or concerned with just one sector of this industry and project is progressively elaborated.

SEFT is able to apply its wide range knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to Project activities to meet Project requirements in a cost-effective, quick and advanced engineering manner. As proven itself in projects like “(here, we should write the Project that we managed)”, SEFT assures its customers to support top management which is essential for a project to define a single responsibility center, improve planning and controlling processes and improve communication between departments.

Our Knowledge Area Includes:
· Integration Management,
· Scope Management,
· Time Management,
· Cost Management,
· Human Resource Management,
· Communications management,
· Risk Management,
· Procurement Management.

SEFT manages projects with its experienced and responsive key team via using up-to-date computer programs such as……… Our team gives an opportunity to clients to reach information simultaneously and transparently. One of our main mission is to become a value-added ship design Office and pass the limits with continuously improving our learning curve.


Services which include one or more of initial, basic and detail & production design and project oriented cooperation services can be provided by SEFT.
Especially SEFT aims to demonstrate their quality and expertise at overseas market, in this context, in recent years has been taken part in major projects.
SEFT take not of R&D studies and joint project under the service. SEFT constitute synergy with many important firm by using advantage of taking part in Technology Development Zone. 


SEFT Engineering Retrofit Team has completed over 250 ballast water treatment system retrofit project since BWTS convention entered into force.
We have retrofitted different types of vessels in different sizes from yachts to Cargo Vessels, from new buildings to existing vessels, we have received a good track record of references also in different types of BWT Systems.
We would like to thank ship-owners, shipyards selected us as their solution partner, BWTS Manufacturers for their corporative approach during all mentioned challenging projects.


MAXIMIZE YOUR SPEED and OPTIMIZE YOUR LOAD with“SEFT - Loading Instrument”: While ship-owners and operators are minimizing stress and safety risk, our brand-new software is able to optimize the load with very high calculation speed.

General capabilities of the software:
· Graphical interface enables the users to learn easily.
· High performance loading, solving and reporting of both intact and damage conditions
· Compact view to see all inputs and results in single screen
· Interfaces for online tank loading and capable to prepare tank loading sketches
· Detailed longitudinal strength reporting and draught survey
· Easy to download from a link provided and to install the software
· Capable of handling all types of cargo vessels (Oil / Chemical / LPG Tankers, Bulk / Cement Carriers, General Cargo Vessels, etc.)
· General Cargo, Dry Cargo and Grain Modules

Functions of the Loading Instrument:
· Loading conditions
· Intact Trim & Stability
· General Stability Criteria
· Severe Wind Stability
· Longitudinal Strength
· Air Drafts, Drafts at marks/perpendiculars
· Bridge Visibility
· Propeller Immersion
· Deadweight Break Down
· General Cargo Loading
· On Deck Cargo Loading
· Damaged Conditions
· Damaged Trim & Stability
· Grain Stability


We are able to scan hull form to create digital twin. Our objective was to collect real data of the hull form since original lines plan is missing which is very common problem for existing vessels. Data from scaning stations provided information to be used for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis after a successful post-processing done by our retrofit engineering team.

After scanning process and delivering 3D hull form, Ship Theory and R&D Team run all necessary analysis to validate the CFD model using existing sea trial and towing tank results to attain the EEXI of the vessel.