Initial Design is the stage of be required to meet the features and needs of the conceptual ship design is revealed. Basic philosophy, will emerge in the final characteristics of the ship would have ; to do the design, analysis and testing work will be based on the originally expected.
   The stage include to do basic performance predictions such as the creation of ship form, arrest general arrangement compatibility, speed-power, stability, weight, load analysis and cost analysis, prepare sale and presentation documents.

   SEFT is assertive about initial design service (Initial design service is the most ambitious service for SEFT).


Since 2001, SEFT sign various type and varied features designs which give the chance to develop their experience in this area and demonstrate their ability with conclusions reached.

Our Initial Design Services Include

  • Determining Specifications

  • Basic Dimensions/ Design Ratios

  • General Arrangement

  • Lines and Appendages Plan

  • Weight Calculation

  • Speed and Power Estimations

  • (Preliminary) Electrical Load Analysis

  • Hydrostatics and Stability Calculations

  • Loadline Calculation

  • Tank Definition and Calibration

  • Tonnage Calculation

  • Damage Stability Calculation

  • Cost Estimation

  • 3D Presentations, Sales Documentation and Data Sheets