Detail and Production design include preparing the ship models such as; construction and fitting as 3D in computer environment and required for production of documents and projects for smooth and predictable process for manufacturing.


   Structural modeling of ship’s lower deck’s and upper deck’s all parts, fitting engine room, accommodation and upper deck areas and layout arrangement can be performed in the virtual environment.


   Afterward detailed production plans and documents are being prepared for the manufacture and installation of steel/plate structures, pipe systems, equipment and out fittings, HAVC.


   SEFT aims to provide an integrated process of ship construction and reduce the building process time and cost. SEFT offers flexible, simultaneous and quick response service because of complicating and variable ship building process.


   Institutional expertise, staff and technical infrastructure, facilities/capabilities and technical potentiality which SEFT has provide to be competitive and ambitious.


Our Detailed Design Services Include

  • Hull & Super Structure Construction

  • 3D Modelling & Production

  • Piping Systems

  • Outfitting 3D Modeling & Production

  • Machinery & Equipment Foundations

  • 3D Modelling & Production

  • General Production Documentations