Basic Design service include prepare certain calculations and plans about ship which basic assumptions are emerged at initial design. Generally at this stage, flag state, class organization and other certifying determine documents and plans.


   SEFT provide ship owners and shipyards to pass construction phase seamlessly with basic design service.


   SEFT promise customers a seamless operation with their business experience from commercial vessels, special purpose vessels, military vessels ranging workboat on a wide range and knowledge from large number of basic design working which prepared for approval authorities..


   SEFT give guarantee customers’ to represent high quality basic design which convenient for national/international design regulations, standards and rule with experienced and hardworking team.


Our Basic Design Services Include

  • Main Drawings & Documentations

  • Steel Classification Drawings

  • Foundation Drawings

  • Steel Outfitting & Equipment Drawings

  • Arrangement Drawings

  • Accommodation Drawings

  • Machinery System Diagrams

  • Machinery Layouts & General Drawings