Material Knowledge and Details on Construction

   SEFT is an experienced expert of usage of aluminium and construction steel and its structural design: «Completely steel; cargo area stainless steel, heel and superstructure steel, hole of it aluminium and heel steel superstructure aluminium» for all the different type of design solutions are offered.


   SEFT’s structural design services include :


  • Advice On Material Specifications

  • Design To Class And Management Of Class Approval

  • Load Prediction And First Principles Calculations

  • 3D Structural Modelling

  • Module And Plant Design

  • Local And Global Structural Optimisation With F.E. Analysis

  • Optimisation

  • Production Design Drawings

  • Weight Engineering And Control

  • Engineering Consultancy

  • Design For Refit And Repair

  • On-Site Build And Engineering Support


   SEFT has served for variety and scores ships succesfully, proves itself and get rightfull reputation on structure engineering. Especilally works for special purpose research ships and naval ships besides high speed aluminum boats has confirmed this succes.


   SEFT has worked with many different ships scope of class design authorty, particularly IACS member class foundations and Turkish Lloyd. SEFT’s survey skills about ship construction provide advantage to get class approvements which has different rules and approaches. Our goal is to decrease costs and to increase performance by adapting even our partner designs for different ragulations and classes.


   As SEFT, we always recommend to use our all design capability that we have. Besides, we can support our partners or customers in the field of structural design when it is needed. Especially we cooperate human resources supports and like this service in order to increase work efficiency and provide easy manufacture.