Ship and System Integration

   In the past works SEFT made it through, one of the though problem, Ship System Integration. MOSHIP and RATSHIP are designed with the abilities of intervention and rescue for variety ships. Research ships designed for Seismic, Hydrographical and Oceanographic operations to show how SEFT achieved to globally satisfy challenging each other integration needs with SEFT’s experience and knowledge.


  • SEFT performs detailed 2D and 3D design studies on all machines, equipment and combination of both for the ships that we designed. Specialist designers have deep experience among all Classes and Regulations.

  • SEFT serves globally 3D design works about system arming. Our Model library was built and is being built during studies has a rich content.

  • This hard work is for making construction process easy and simple. In this way we provide lesser mistake and lesser time waste as possible during production and mounting.


   While working on ship and system integration, SEFT specialist employees don’t emphasise only this two parameters.. Ship is a liveable place even though either the toughest forecast is being lived or waves are being hit. That is why our goal is to build spacious and easy to operate places for the ones who operate in System Flats.


  • SEFT has been worked with all kind of propulsion systems and have experience on it. As we follow all innovations in our sector, we also follow propulsion innovations and suggests clients If it is applicable for specific ship types.


   SEFT light client’s ways up through the best propulsion system for satisfy expectations. We support in every single step for our customer to choose optimal propulsion system among ship form, duty definition, lesser vibrations and noise parameters.


   Accordingly in years SEFT has worked and made harmonic job done with important propulsion system manufacturers.


   Thanks to improved job and SEFT’s design and supplier system’s team cohesion, we meet customers’ expectations satisfyingly.


   This harmony is a major way to minimise final risks.


   SEFT guides and supports client to choose, to arrange and to calculate main propulsion system and its calculations then we share all with client. Besides we prepare room plans for auxiliary and all special engines. Result of this work we support shipyards with 2D and 3D plans and studies.


   SEFT’s works on main systems, specific systems and auxiliaries are suitable to national and international regulations. On the other hand developments related to energy saving, new waste management applications and new technologies must be considered on design.


   Accordance with the regulations and operation, according to working system practice, maintenance and back up benefit principles must be applied. Especially our long time worked, experienced designers on shipyards and ship operations are making a difference on our field.