At 2012, SEFT has taken a further step in the field of R&D and constitute a department to do high quality design to response civilian and military demand. R&D department is working with extremely qualified and well experienced engineers and advanced infrastructure.


R&D team creating designs as well as R&D qualified for commercial and government buyers in addition the team creating projects for like TUBITAK.

Major Activities in the R&D Area

  • Green Vessel Design

  • Innovative Vessel Form Design

  • Joint Project Work With University

  • Monitoring of Marine Market Continuously and Innovative Vessel Design Towards Opportunities

  • Follow up of New Technology, Create The Difference Applications at Vessel Design

  • Vessel Design Which Compatible With The New Regulations

  • Produce Projects about the TUBITAK and H2020 Programmes for Research and Innovation


   SEFT aims to be a leader in the national market and work as a strong player in the international market and works to produce projects which beyond the age continuously.