Today’s technological capabilities allow the problems of our design and their components can be modelled and analysed in the digital environment. Developing software which based on finite element provides us to do simulation and analysis studies regarding both ship form and structural and hardware components.


   SEFT offer services in major areas such as ship form optimization, determining streamlines, hull pressure distributions (distribution of trace) and global and local structure analysis by using the finite elements method.


   Analysis service which provided by SEFT, compatible with initial design, by this means they create more faster, consume less power, more lighter, more innovative and lower cost designs. Analysis service is positioned in design systematic that to manage this features.


   SEFT offer analysis services can be grouped under two main headings :



Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis


Structural Analysis



   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis are mostly used for (accurately determine the ship’s performance) which is directly related to form optimization, ship resistance, propulsion system and superstructure resistance.


   In addition, analysis includes that optimization of position of bow thruster and retractable thruster and decided to the most suitable position of under water monitoring sensor.


SEFT provides following services :


  • Ship Form Analysis (and Optimization)

  • Ship Resistance Calculations

  • Analysis of the Waveform around Ship Hull

  • Analysis of Components of Ship Resistance (Friction, Form&Wave Resistance)

  • Streamlines and Wake Distribution Analysis

  • Open Water Propeller Calculations

  • Free Surface Flow Analysis

  • Wake Distribution on Propeller



   Ship’s structural analysis can be performed by using software which based on finite element method. Examining the whole of the ship and particular region is possible by using FE analysis.


   SEFT offer FEA services can be grouped under two main headings :



Global Analysis


Local Analysis


Global Analysis

   First step in the global analysis structural modelling of the vessel to be examined and defining the effect of this structure is to be exposed. Strength analysis is performed under these effects.


   SEFT targets to design stronger, more lightweight structure and easy manufacturing by integrating their strong knowledge and FEA possibilities.


   With FE Analysis are the services we provide :


  • Bending Moments and Shear Forces

  • Torsional Moments

  • Analysis For Different Load Case and Sea States


Local Analysis

   Beside global analysis we need sensitive analysis at some parts of the ship for some special cases. Details of the model are increased at the area to be examined and then acting forces are defined and analysis is performed.


   Stress value of the examined area is obtained and then it provides doing structural optimization.


   With FE Analysis are the services we provide :


  • Stress Analysis and Capacity Calculations for Equipment Foundations Fatigue and Buckling Analysis

  • Explosion and Shock Analysis

  • Structural Analysis for Cannons/Gun