Ship and Fitting Integration

   SEFT serves first preparing initial layouts and information papers, basic design works for Class Approval and then detail and production design works with high qualified engineers in the field of outfitting.


   SEFT’s Outfitting Engineers serve to choose functional working standard outfit equipment like ladders, windows, anchor, windlass, aft and fore anchorage equipment and provide integration with ship. Most of the time, they design outfitting equipment to perform specific duties for ship’s intended purposes.


   SEFT Outfitting Engineers have knowledge to design and kind of outfit and integrate to ships due to experiences on working with unique designs.


   The beginning of our work starts with finding out discussed fitting equipment related of the solution conceptually. Afterwards this draft design suggestion coordinate with customer, shipyard and supplier and find out the optimal solution.


   After improved and optimised trouble-free concept design, Basic design starts. In fitting arming, every document which is needed for Class aproval will be prepared and will be approved to related authorities.


   SEFT conducts a close corporation with shipyard and supplier on manifacturing process. Trouble-free manifacturing and functional operation it is nescessary for us. Combination of fitting systems like elevation on upper surface of deck, anchor and anchorage systems, rescue boats, air ventilation system for engine detailed design works are being done in this process.