Combination of Esthetics and Functionality

   Every ship among SEFT’s working range are prepared, intensive survey work done and with the closest client expectations regard of professional requirements and regulations.


   Specially designed for client requested formal designs are on our portolio as succesful designs which are architecturally esthetic and functional.


   SEFT’s naval architecture entitled working fields are :


  • Concept Design Development

  • Hull-Form Design and Development

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

  • Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Analysis

  • Speed-Power & Performance Predictions

  • Choice of Propulsion System and Arrangement Design

  • “Model Towing Test” Coordination

  • Specification Writing

  • Weight Engineering & Stability Analysis

  • Loadline and Other Statutory Calculations


SEFT’s experienced engineers, can design high sailing ability, lower ressistance, propulsion and other efficiency coefficients optimised ships, thanks to working experiences on different variety of forms and types of ships.


The most important specialty of our designed products and the designs are being done is formal and innovator instead of being limited and mass produced.


SEFT works with awareness of dynamism, which is essential for innovative products, instead of smiplicity repeats itself. With this principle SEFT achieves to understand needs and satisfy expectetions of customers and operators.


   SEFT continue working to develop correct solution for customer and user about the ships architecture that SEFT designed on al large scale, from optimization which increase clasic form performance to consisting of multi hull that new types.