SEFT, has all marine engineering discipline, strong and global reservoir about ship design and easy constructability.

  • To define our design capability, opportunities and abilities, we always prior our human resource at the first place.

  • SEFT employees are consist of highly experienced department and section managers, doctor’s degree, master’s degree and bachelor’s degree engineers, architects, specialist technicians.

  • SEFT’s working concept; SEFT has a wide serving field among ship design and every single design criteria included. Our clients;, We provide singularly or all inclusive service from Concept Design and Feasibility Working to Main Design, from Detailed Design to Technical Consultancy.


   SEFT always suggest client to get advantage of wide scope of service we provide to maximise the benefit and decrease the inconsistency. In this way, all arming and construction are under control of our design capabilities. Including Technical consultancy, SEFT’s design capability is on service of all national and international clients.