In 2007, SEFT started to work as Research and Development Centre for Defence Products. First Defence Product of SEFT was an EU supported project, River Type Fast Patrol Boats to Romanian Government in 2009.


   Submarine Rescue Mothership (MOSHIP) and Rescue and Towing Ship RATSHIP (KURYED) which are all SEFT Designs awarded by Undersecretariat for Defence Industries in 2010.MOSHIP and KURYED projects are under construction in Istanbul Shipyard and will be delivered by Turkish Naval Forces in 2014. All design stages including production design are under the responsibility of SEFT.

   RTN 1500 Offshore Supply Vessel’s which counted according to Thailand Royal Navy initial and basic design was executed by SEFT and built in Bangkok the project was completed successfully at 2014. The project has become an important reference for SEFT which attaching great importance to overseas markets.


   SEFT’s works for defence industry is not limited to new building designs. In 2014, 5 SAR-33 Type Coast Guard Boat that are linked to Coast Guard Command, modernization project is made by our company.


   SEFT │ DEFENCE  activities is continuing towards to improve product diversity and quality, to advance international cooperation and worked markets.