“Shipbuilding Project” is temporary endeavor, limited by its beginning and end; aims to create unique vessel or service to clients; has excessive number of interrelated activities between different disciplines of engineering.


SEFT is able to apply its wide range knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to Project activities to meet Project requirements in a cost-effective, quick and advanced engineering manner. Shipowners and shipyards, in order to build ship faster, choose the path of solving process by means of buying service and using sub-contractors.


SEFT assures its customers of supporting top management which is essential for a project to define a single responsibility center, enhancing planning and controlling processes and providing good communication skills between departments and sub-contractors.

  • Ship design process is a PROJECT process initiated to create a ship in the end. Ship defined as main PROJECT,is the sum of the sub-projects with many sub-disciplines. Every disiplines has also seperately evaluation, acquisition, implementation , testing and control processes.

   In addition to SEFT │ SHIP DESIGN which is consist of “Initial Design, Basic Design And Detailed And Production Design”; PROJECT MANAGEMENT services such as identification and procurement process of the necessary materials and equipment for the construction of ships, purchasing process , coordination of teams , monitoring and control of the building process are implemented succesfully by our company.


   Our knowledge area includes :


  • Feasibility and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Creating Material Lists and Tracking
  • Creating Engine and Equipment Lists and Tracking
  • Support for Design Approval Process
  • Support for Creating Purchase Orders
  • Design and Construction Compatibility Control
  • Support for Project Presentation and Promotion
   One of our main missions is to become a value-added ship design Office and pass the limits with continuously improving our learning curve.

   SEFT’s some design Projects, performed successfully both in design and Project Management service are :


  • SPLIT BARGE : In 2007, split barge project constructed for DILER Holding

  • FAST PATROL BOAT 17 : An EU supported project, delivery of 5 River Type Fast Patrol Boats to Romanian Government in 2009

  • RATSHIP 2000 : Conducted by Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and constructed for Turkish Naval Forces, 2 Rescue and Towing Ship (RATSHIP) project

  • MOSHIP 4000 : Conducted by Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and constructed for Turkish Naval Forces, 1 Submarine Rescue Mother Ship project

  • SEISMIC SEARCH VESSEL 87 : Conducted for Mineral Research & Exploration General Directorate (MTA), Turkey’s first indigeneous Seismic Research Vessel