SEFT do serious work on the management of the shipbuilding process through which the knowledge and experience gained in the maritime sector of ship design services as well as the design effected diciplines. We have also developed collaboration and partnership with local and foreign ship design companies and shipyards.


   SEFT │ CONSULTANCY  activities, ” Managing the whole having full knowledge of detail” is one of the most important part of our philosophy.


  • Managing the whole project, including relations between yards and other parties with our holistic approach…

  • Assisting Investors, Shipyards and Customers in discussions

  • Staying updated as to new laws and regulations and help our customers with specifications

  • Getting a very close cooperation from the start of a project in all aspects

  • Giving consultancy with valuable experience which is a vital part in all stages of vessel projects for construction management and investment and planning support

  • Assigning engineers to the shipyard for information exchange

  • On Site Engineering and Construction oversight