Project Description

   MOSHIP 4000 is a dedicated submarine rescue mother ship designed to perform subsea and surfaCe search and rescue missions in various sea conditions. Operating with certified both NATO NSRS system and US SRDRS system with built-in A-frame of US SRDRS SRV. Equipped with diesel-electric propulsion system allowing flexible power share and high qualied position keeping, she conforms naval norms, standarts and classication rules to its unique off-shore design.


General Information

Ship Type Submarine Rescue Mother Ship
Project Type Proven
Material Steel – Steel
Ship Form Monohull


Main Dimensions

Lenght OA 90.80 m
Lenght BP 85.35 m
Beam (mld.) 19.00 m
Depth 7.80 m
Draught 4.45 m
Displacement 4200 t