Project Description

   CMB60 has outstanding seakeeping performance and efficiency, which makes it perfect for long time offshore missions, as well as helicopter and fast boat operations. The vessels’ advanced hull design makes the vessel extremely seaworthy and ideal for multi-mission tasks. The top deck layout features a flight deck suitable to operate naval helicopters in night and day operations and is fully NVG compatible. The vessel has been specically designed to enable sea boat deployment and recovery in Sea State 4. It is designed in a modular design concept for easy integration of dierent weapons and sensor systems.


General Information

Ship Type Combatant
Project Type Concept
Material(type-1) Steel – Steel
Material(type-2) Steel – Aluminium
Ship Form Monohull


Main Dimensions

Lenght OA 60.00 m
Lenght BP 57.90 m
Beam (mld.) 9.40 m
Depth 5.70 m
Draught (type-1) 2.70 m
Draught (type-2) 2.60 m
Disp. (type-1) 540 t
Disp. (type-1) 500 t