SEFT defines 5 strategically service field to fulfil “Engineering Services” activities in world standards and tell them most accurate way.


   SEFT, structured its Ship Design services intended for carrying out commercial and official requirements under  SEFT │ MARINE  title. Since its establishment in 2001, our company, succeeded numerous and different types of ships , has been continuing its work in accordance with the vision to “become leader in the national market and a major player in the international market”.


SEFT positioned services in the framework of the vision set in 2007 for providing the defence industry as  SEFT │ DEFENCE  activities.

Our company, designed successful products both our indigenous and other countries’ defence industries, continues to work expanding its product and market diversification.


   SEFT; joined the awareness gained through high-quality products that are designed with increased local and global needs for energy, as of 2014 revealed a new alleged service area : SEFT │ ENERGY .


   Activity area which is defined as  SEFT │ ENERGY ; SEFT resumes its work on offshore platforms, drilling and production ship along with energy production platforms.


  • SEFT; with the high quality design that offers solutions to many challenging missions and being first Ship Design company in Technology Development Zone since 2010, has made Research and Development work company culture.

  • Project services that is prepared for National/International R&D Support Institutions and advanced engineering analysis are the main activities of  SEFT │ R&D settlement.


   SEFT’s services are not limited to advanced engineering services, design or R&D analysis. Trade cooperation is made with several different companies in different projects and important companies are put into consultancy service. SEFT, placed its engineering consultancy activities as  SEFT │ CONSULTANCY.